I love a swift.

"As in the song.", I thought. "He's a swift and I'm the fox."   "A penny for your thoughts", he said. 'This shirt of yours does not smell bad." "I am in love." "You confuse me". "Something's going on with thee'. "It hurts when you're not there." "I love you. And I have a lot... Weiterlesen →

I don’t feel like being creative – and that’s a good thing (maybe).

I haven't written anything for more than two months now. And I feel bad because of it. But also I don't. The reason I haven't produced anything creative is that something happened in my life that took my number one source of inspiration. Pain. Heaviness. "Selfstayed-ness". And that something is - you might have guessed... Weiterlesen →


For the english version, see below the text. Bild: marmax   Der Gefängniswärter sieht sich nicht selbst. Er wird sich nicht erkennen können. Deshalb wird er alle anderen zwar sehen, aber niemals auch nur ansatzweise die Realität ihres Daseins erfassen können. Und wenn ihm doch einer mal den Spiegel vorhält, wird er seinen Schlagstock heben und... Weiterlesen →

Note to self #1 Remember not to part with her

Remember: When you are angry at her and you say 'fuck it' - and feel like burning all bridges. Remember not to part with her because her words will calm you down. Remember not to part with her because she needs you, too. Remember that with her - you are closer to a purpose.  ... Weiterlesen →

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